• 2001 – Ocean World Lines Intl LLC Dubai was formed and commenced its NVO Operation from its Dubai Office
    • 2003 – Ocean World Lines took Jebel ali free zone licence and started operating from Leased shed with capacity of 500 square metre
    • 2005— Ocean World Lines doubled its capacity by taking a bigger CFS in the Yellow shed cluster
    • 2008 – Ocean World Lines took additional capacity and increased to 3000 square metre area to accommodate its import and export operations using outsource providers
    • 2010 – Ocean World Lines moved to its own facility in South Zone with a bigger capacity of 5000 square metre of closed space
    • current – all our operations including LCL consolidation, logistics are carried out seamlessly from our facility , catering a dedicated partner network and serving the interests of freight Customers by providing solutions to all their requirements without compromising on quality and integrity

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